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Traditional Wrought Ironwork in Bristol

Keynsham Forge is a friendly family run company manufacturing contemporary and traditional wrought ironwork for over 40 years, that is used for a variety of architectural features such as fencing, stairs, balconies, entrance gates, restorations on period properties or new build properties, residential and commercial and security gates using modern and traditional methods.


We undertake all kinds of welded metal work in Bristol, including stainless steel and aluminium work using both modern and traditional methods.

Security Grilles & Gates

When it comes to the commercial and industrial gate and railing solutions, we are the ones to call. We are specialists in both modern and traditional ironwork, security metalwork and steel fabrication




Security Gates



Metalwork staircases can be objects of beauty as well as very functional items. We can provide dynamic solutions for exciting spaces such as theatres and restaurants, and provide striking statement pieces such as spiral staircases, or industrial pieces with a twist.

If you have an elegant spiral or sweeping staircase piece in mind for your home, we can help you make even the most tentative designs a polished reality. Do you have an elevated entrance to your property that needs a bit of love? Why not make a feature of it by creating a bespoke area designed with our team? We work with our customers to create designs as diverse as them, with decoration in a variety of metals including wrought iron.

In fact, as long as we’re working with you, you are part of our team too. We want your staircase to be everything you’ve dreamed of, and to become a feature, not something you’d rather faded into the background.

Building a staircase out of metal is also a great solution for outdoor spaces, due to its robust design and quality which make them much less slippery than their wooden counterparts. Metal staircases are often favoured by businesses which need to update their health and safety features to meet guidelines in terms of fire escapes, and we can help with ensuring that your premises meet with all the relevant legislation, giving you the power to spend more time on what matters to you. We’re keen that they never become eyesores either, and our team will work with you to ensure that they blend in with your premises in an inconspicuous way.

Our variety of finishes are too vast to list and can be effortlessly blended with materials such as glass attached underneath your handrails to provide a warm, contemporary feel both inside and outside the home. So whether your staircase is a means to get you from A to B, or if you want it at the heart of your design, we can help bring your project to life.

Security Gates

When it comes to security, you’ll naturally want the very best. Keynsham Forge offers a wide range of security gate solutions that are tailor-made to you, including heavy-duty solutions for occasions when only the strongest security around will do, such as businesses which hold sensitive information, or high-value goods.

Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian gates are designed to restrict the entrance of people on foot to your business or private property and are a popular choice for peace of mind in both a private or commercial setting. Keynsham Forge has a wide range of pedestrian gates available, from short gates designed for private use to more complicated set-ups designed for businesses and larger estates which encompass a hybrid of both pedestrian and vehicle gate security.

Gate Safety

Particularly with automated gates, safety is incredibly important and care should be taken by everyone who operates the system to protect against risks such as crushing. For most private and business properties, this risk is reduced by the fact that only trained members of staff are to operate the system, and that the gate is not in the public right of way. However, if these gates are to be used by members of the public, further precautions should be taken, in addition, to force limitation being carefully monitored, to ensure the risk of injury is reduced for any kind of gate.


Patio wrought iron fence

At Keynsham Forge we carry out a range of general Engineering services including:

  • Steel fabrication
  • Bending
  • Section Rolling
  • Tube Notching
  • Drilling
  • Punching
  • Cutting
  • MMA MIG and TIG welding of mild steel
  • Stainless steel and aluminium welding
  • On site fabrication and welding service
  • We also carry out structural steel fabrications
  • Supplying structural steel beams and columns to general builders

To make an inquiry you can either telephone us direct on 0117 986 4196 or you can send us an email by completing the form below

Metal Railings

Steel railings are a popular choice, providing customers with durability at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Metal railings are fantastic choices for a variety of outdoor projects, including decking, grassy areas, and front gardens, as well as more specific uses, such as indoor and outdoor stair areas. Whether you’re a commercial or private customer, we have a service to suit you.

Fence Railings

Whether you want a thing of beauty to frame your property perfectly, or your specifications demand a focus on practicality, we can provide you the perfect fence railings. We’ve provided solutions for everyone from school premises to business owners, to private residential areas, with happy customers everywhere we go. Metal fence railings are incredibly weatherproof, and unlike other solutions such as flimsy wooden fence panels, will not risk damage in heavy rain or wind.

Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought iron railings are the ultimate in durable, sturdy design and all our work meets British and European safety standards. We have a wide portfolio of wrought iron railings, but if you have something more elaborate in mind, we’d love to use our welding and fabrication expertise to help you make your idea a reality.

Wrought iron is available in a number of finishes depending on your specifications, including powder coating and galvanised finishes – Keynsham Forge will discuss your needs in depth and help you pick the best finish to suit you.